Do you know HTML Codes?

I have found that some HTML Codes Don’t work on different sites.

Lately I’ve been studying up on alternative HTML Codes.  For example the same code that I would use for WordPress does not work for Weebly.  I recently started setting up a Weebly site since of course it is free and a nice looking site.

My intensions are to promote a Click Bank product I have researched before deciding if it was one I would feel comfortable promoting.  Weebly has a pretty nice setup and lots of features containing the easy drag and drop features.  But of course  it is a little different to me.

Searching for more HTML Codes

I know Weebly has a nice site and such but my intentions is to set it all up using mostly HTML Codes rather than the easy drag and drop text and image features.  I have found several resources for HTML Codes so far, but what I’m really after is HTML Codes for embedding images into the text.

I’m not really sure how I would go about getting around the drag image portion of the features to upload images to the site.

Why do I want to use HTML Codes and do it the hard way?

Because I like doing things the hard way of course.  LOL  But yea, my reason is the same as everyone else on the internet, to get the best SEO possible from a site.  My thoughts are using the drag and drop feature for an image file with no tag really is not worth as much as one that is embedded and tagged.

I am sure there is a way to get my Weebly site just as I want it, I just need to adjust to its’ easy features.  LOL  In the meantime on with my studying and searching deeper into the HTML Codes.