Problems with the Oriental Cockroach?

The Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is a really nasty pest that you do not desire to move into your home. Roaches carry diseases but this one can cause health issues such as diarrhea, asthma, etc. If untreated you could have a health hazard. These roaches are sometimes called a water bug because of its size and the need to thrive in damp areas.

Identifying the Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach in size is about 1 inch long. They are dark brown to black in color. The female only has wing pads where as the male has wings that cover ¾ of the abdomen. They can usually be found in damp areas such as sewer pipes, basements, crawl spaces, or sink drains.

They usually feed on decaying plant matter or trash. They are considered a filthy pest and are known to cause food poisoning. The Oriental Cockroach will invade a structure without needing a reason to.

They can access the home through voids, cracks, or even through sewer pipes. They can congregate in large numbers and take over a structure. Because of the diseases that roaches can carry, you want to take action of treatment if you notice that this filthy roach has moved in with you.

They are easily identified by their dark color and finding them in sewage or grease traps near a place of business.

Controlling the Oriental Cockroach

The first place you want to start when controlling the Oriental Cockroach would be a good IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program. Sanitation is always the big word! Keeping the inside of a structure in a clean state, not leaving food exposed for them to feed on, or even dish water sitting in the sink.

IPM goes a very long ways for the control of any pest. Outside you should seal all entry points where they can enter the structure such as under door jams, cracks around windows, pipes with gaps around them running through walls or floors.

These nasty roaches will crawl through pipes to enter homes; for example a washing machine drain pipe. The ends of open pipes should be covered by a mesh screen in order to keep the Oriental Cockroach out but still allow for the flow of your drain.

Oriental Cockroaches like damp areas, therefore fixing leaky pipes will help dry up the damp area they thrive for. Crawlspace homes should be well ventilated with the appropriate venting.

For proper venting for a structure you can contact your local pest control company in the area that you live for details. Codes and specifications may differ from state to state. The Oriental Cockroach can be treated with residual pesticides for control.

Keep in mind they like damp areas, so if you use residual sprays for control the effectiveness may not last as long as the label specifies. You may consider a wettable powder for the treatment of the pest in these areas of dampness.

If wettable powder pesticides are used inside the structure note that on dark surfaces they will be visible once dry. For inside you may prefer a EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate) that has very slight or no residue visible.

Using dusts for control is really a waste for control of the Oriental Cockroach because they will have no effect once they are damp.

Oriental Cockroach


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