A blood sucking Tick!

Nobody likes a Tick

Illnesses, caused by Tick bites are more feared than bites from other pests. People tend to panic when they realize the pest they can’t brush off is a Tick embedded in their skin.

Most people are aware of the diseases that can be transmitted by this pest and are very cautious.

About the Tick

The Tick in shape are flat and very easy to identify. They have 8 legs where as the larvae has 6. They are not an insect they are an arthropod. All stages of this pest feed on blood.

The larvae Tick is called a seed. This pest can transmit diseases such as the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and the Lyme Disease. There are a great many of different species.

They are blood suckers and feed off the blood of mammals, which include humans, pets and domestic type mammals. Some will also feed on reptiles and birds.

Ticks can be picked up from anywhere there is thick rubbish such as tall grass, in the woods, from a pet, etc.

Avoiding the Tick

A Tick can be picked up almost anywhere, such as in the woods if you’re hunting, from over hanging trees while fishing, from a campground, etc. To avoid the possibility of a Tick choosing you as a host, protection methods should be used.

The use of Deet repellent chemicals can be helpful. A way to avoid having a Tick problem around your home would be keep the grass cut short as not to initiate any harborage areas for them.

Keep other pets that aren’t yours away from your yard or pets. There are pesticides labeled for the Tick that can be used for the reduction of any Tick population in the yard.

If a Tick was to embed himself and feed from you or your pet use tweezers and pull the pest loose. Don’t just snatch him loose or the head may be left behind and cause the area to be infected.

Some sort of disinfectant should be applied as to kill the germs caused by a Tick.



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