An ugly Brown Banded Roach!

The Brown Banded Roach

The Brown Banded Roach is a pest  that infests a structure similar to a German Cockroach. They should be identified correctly in order to be treated properly with the right chemicals labeled for the pest.

They are a nasty pest that can carry bacteria and have been known to cause asthma conditions within small children. These allergies are caused by a buildup of their fecal droppings or dead carcasses.

Identifying the Brown Banded Roach

The Brown Banded Roach is about a ½ an inch in length. They are brown in color with two lighter colored bands that run across the base of the wings and the abdomen.

They can be found in warm, dry areas throughout a structure. They glue their egg capsules to objects such as furniture. They also have fully developed wings and the males are ready flyers when disturbed.

Thought they are the same size as the German Cockroach you can identify the Brown Banded Roach by the light colored bands as the German Cockroach are dark colored strips.

They can be found in some of the same areas as the German Cockroach such as cabinets, freezer motor areas where it’s warm, microwaves, dressers, etc.

Controlling the Brown Banded Roach

As with any pest issue, sanitation is a big must! Cleaning up after a milk spill, don’t leave food sitting around, empty trash cans regularly; things such as these are food sources and a way for the pest to transmit diseases.

Getting rid of their food sources helps aid in the control of the Brown Banded Roach. Areas such as stacked books, book cases, dressers full of junk, and card board boxes piled up are some of the harborage areas that should be kept neat and clean.

Baiting is a great tool to use for the Brown Banded Roach control around areas such as electrical appliances where residual sprays cannot be applied such as freezer areas, microwave areas, light receptacles, etc.

There are different types of baits to choose from such as gel bait, bait stations, and granular baits. Dusts are also another good tool to help control the Brown Banded Roach.

Dusts can be used for areas that are hard to access where they migrate such as wall voids, under cabinets, etc; areas in which the label permits you to treat. Dusts have a bad tendency to drift off target at times and are hard to control where you want them to be applied.

Some dusts are heavier than others and want drift quite so bad but do have the tendency to be applied too heavy. Dusts should be applied lightly.

If applied too heavy they act as a deterrent and will not benefit you in any way. The pest should not know the dusts are there so they will crawl through it.

That’s why it should be applied lightly. Some people think more is better, but not always. Residual spray can be used in control of the Brown Banded Roach.

They can be applied to cracks and crevices in areas according to the label. There are several to choose, from microencapsulated to emusifiable concentrates.

Always read the label and follow directions when applying any kind of pesticide when controlling the Brown Banded Roach or any other pest.

Brown Banded Roach


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