Don’t you hate a Smokey Brown Cockroach?

Smokey Brown Cockroach

The Smokey Brown Cockroach is a fairly large roach sometimes confused with the American Roach because of its size. They normally live outside but as weather gets cooler they will tend to move in or under a structure seeking warmer conditions.

They should be identified correctly for the proper treatment and the use of the correct chemicals labeled for them. Although there are some similarities between the Smokey Brown Cockroach and theAmerican Roach, there are some differences to.

The Smokey Brown Cockroach sometimes is called a water bug or a palmetto bugs the same as the American Roach because of the similarities.

Identifying the Smokey Brown Cockroach

The Smokey Brown Cockroach is 1 ¼ inches long and is dark brown in color. They live outside in warmer weather and move inside when the weather is cool. They can be found in a structure, under it, in the attic, or in chimneys.

You will be more apt to find them under a structure that is sealed rather than one that is vented which will be cooler for them. The Smokey Brown Cockroach also has fully developed wings and is good flyers. They are attracted to light but like dark moist areas such as under a structure.

They have a very large size egg capsule, dark in color that contains around 20 eggs per capsule. They Smokey Brown Cockroach is also a scavenger as it will eat almost anything but prefer things like rotten vegetation, food scraps, or dog food.

Though trying to identify the Smokey Brown Cockroach by color may be hard when there is nothing to compare to, there are other traits you can use. Such as where they are found, is the weather cold where you found them, are they attracted to light, what is their preference of a food source.

There are several characteristics you can use to identify the pest as a Smokey Brown Cockroach.

Control of the Smokey Brown Cockroach

Sanitation is the first place to start in order to help control the Smokey Brown Cockroach. Clean areas that they would use as harborage areas such as wood piles near the home, mulch beds, or just cardboard boxes sitting around the home.

Any type of debris close to a structure can be considered a harborage area for the Smokey Brown Cockroach and should be moved away from the home. Keeping trash cans or dumpster areas clean as possible can eliminate some of their food sources.

Even moving dumpster areas away from the structure will draw the pest away from your home and not to it. Some people have pets, such as hunting dogs. These people have dog food sitting around in bags open to the roaches to crawl inside the bags for food.

The pets’ food should be kept in a container that is sealable. So keep the area near the structure clean as possible as to not draw them to your home but away from it. Where do most people keep their firewood? Close to their homes or by the chimney outside the home.

This is a perfect area for the pest to be hidden. From there they are drawn to the structure where they can find access points to other areas of harborage, such as cracks in the chimney if firewood is stored near it.

What happens when you bring an arm load of wood in and sit it near the fire place? You may bring the undesirable pest inside all on your own. Access points such as windows, where they can enter the home, should be sealed.

This will help keep the Smokey Brown Cockroach out of your home. This will help with any pest you do not want to enter your home. Removing any types of water sources will help with control of the Smokey Brown Cockroach.

If you have leaking pipes under or around the structure, they should be fixed in order to take away their water source. The list just goes on for good IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Residual sprays inside and around the structure works well for control of the Smokey Brown Cockroach.

Wettable powders work really well with the big roaches to help with control. If you have a heavy infestation it may take multiple treatments in order to grasp hold of the situation. Power dusters are a great tool that can be used to treat areas such as attics or crawl space areas.

Keep in mind dusts can drift to non target areas and pets and children should not have contact with the dusts. Be sure if treating with dusts that the areas you intend on treating are dry. Dusts will not be effective if they become damp or wet and will be a waste of your time and money among taking the risk of killing non target pests.

Always follow directions on the label of the chemicals you will be using to control the Smokey Brown Cockroach.

Smokey Brown Cockroach


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