A great Free Weebly Website!

I got one Free Weebly website up and going.

So, I finally finished my Free Weebly Website a few days ago.  It was not all that bad at all getting everything like I wanted it set up.  A little different than playing with wordpress though that I’m use to using.  I did run into a few problems though.

A few problem areas I run into with my Free Weebly Website

Well first with my Free Weebly Website they have this drag and drop feature that to me just don’t seem very search engine accurate.  But that’s my opinion!  The header tags are to set as a H2 header and not an H1, therefore if you intend on having a H1 header you must use the HTML drag and drop feature.

That way you can type it in manually where you want your header tags and such to be.  But that’s no big deal, I just did it all in HTML to be sure I hit the SEO where I wanted it to hit.  But I’ll tell you what within 24 hours of going live with my Shed Plans 101 site it hit the first page of google.

I was amazed at that for sure.  But now a few days later it seems to be farther back in the pile up.  LOL  another problem I run into was the robot txt was blocking urls on the second site I started on.  I don’t know I have contacted support on that issue and I’ve been doing my studying and research.

Maybe someone that reads this can shoot me a few pointers on my Free Weebly Website.  I do like to learn more about anything I piddle with.

Another problem I ran into with the Free Weebly Website

I ran into a problem with the blog part of Weebly also.  I don’t quite understand how you are going to put 20, 50, or hundreds of meta tags for lots of blogs in such a little box for the blog page.  That has me kind of stumped how you are going to get good SEO from blogs.

All together though the templates and customization of the sites are real nice. But I’ll eventually figure out my Free Weebly Website or maybe someone can give me some useful knowledge I could use to maximize the sites.