Do teachers have a heart?

A Teachers  thoughts

Here I have a short article written by my wife, Dina Westmoreland one of many retired school teachers.  I have taken this article from her facebook page to share with all teachers and students of all kinds.  If it wasn’t for teachers, where would we all be in this mean cruel world today?

The heart that teachers have

This past Sunday I attended the funeral of one of my high school teachers, Jim Argroves. I didn’t totally understand what compelled me to drive 200 miles one way to go, until the funeral began. The first year he taught me was 33 years ago.

His reputation as one of my teachers was just beginning. The memories shared made me realize he believed in his students. He went the extra mile for those that needed extra help. I realized the little things you do for your students add up and make you one of the memorable teachers.

Many times those little things are what teachers consider doing his or her job. Until I heard other teachers being remembered did I realize how important some of those little things I have done for my students were.

I have been thanked for things I have done in the past, and did not realize how much they meant to the students and parents. Throughout my teaching career I was blessed to work with many caring teachers who did the extra for their students and would do the extra for their co-workers in time of crisis.

To all teachers (working and retired) THANK YOU.

Are teachers the only type of educators?

My wife Dina Westmoreland spoke of the remembrance of teachers.  Teachers of school systems are not  the only type of education that one receives throughout ones life.  Although teachers teach one knowledge in schools systems, there are many types of teachers in ones life.

A few examples of these can be someone that taught you to build a motor, someone who taught you to ride a bicycle, or even someone that taught you to blog on the internet.  The world is full of all sorts of teachers along our path of life and they should not be forgotten either for the education they have given one in their course of life.