Is it a Drain Fly or a filth Fly?

The Drain Fly, better known as a filth fly!

The Drain Fly is a nuisance pest that sometimes is noticed out of nowhere and in great masses. Everyone calls them a filth fly and that’s exactly what they are.

You may see these pests at time and can be identified by a pattern of veins on their wings.

Need to know about the Drain Fly?

The Drain Fly is a fairly small fly that is around 1/8 of an inch in size. They can be found in areas such as in the kitchen or in bathrooms. They breed in organic substance and sewage areas.

They can be found in huge masses as they breed fairly quickly and lay a great many of eggs at a time. The Drain fly is black in color and sometimes is confused with the fruit fly.

They can be found flying or crawling in areas such as sink drains and garbage areas. Although they are very poor fliers they will fly short distances in jerky lines.

Sometimes they will emerge from drains where organic substances are built up, as from grease settled in a pee trap. They are known as a filth fly.

How to control the Drain Fly

There is not really much to say on the control of the Drain Fly. As far as I know to this point there still isn’t a chemical labeled for them far as treating sewage drains and such.

There are some chemicals to help remove the build up in the pipes in which they originate from. Some people have used bleach for a type of treatment although it isn’t labeled for the pest.

The Drain Fly is a filth fly and the filth in which they breed should be removed is the best control for the Drain Fly.

Drain Fly